As of January 3rd G2APay (and all deposits) are disabled.

As of January 4th, we have completed deployment of the site. This is where we will maintain and support any existing accounts until all are settled, and is unaffiliated with the new owner.

As of January 5th all user items have been moved to the Returnius Botius bot group and can be withdrawn/sold/bought like normal, keeping in mind the 7 day trade hold.

As of January 6th all remaining items have been moved to the Returnius Botius bot group. Orders potentially caught in the crossfire will be reviewed. PayPal has failed to give us anything to work with regarding our account status. We will be dealing with pending payouts and sending PMs to affected users shortly.

Please send us a ticket at if you have any questions.
Our Loyal Members,

I am pleased to announce we have found a buyer for and are working on a transition plan with the new owner. More information will be made available about them soon.

The founders of CSGOShop and our developer have always valued the privacy and security of our users. As such, we plan to delete all user data from the CSGOShop database before the transition completes so everyone has a choice where -and with who- their data is shared. The same will be true for backups. The new owner of CSGOShop will start with a fresh website and further info on the launch date will be provided by them.

A new site will be rolled out by us with all account balances and item data transferred over. Bots will be available to facilitate item returns. We plan to keep this site operating for around 6 months. We hope that 6 months will give everyone ample time to remove their deposited items via Steam or spend account balance. We aim to have the site running within a week or two. will continue to function until the new site is deployed.

If you have a pending payout request please send a ticket asking for it to be returned to your account balance so you can withdraw via items. We no longer have a timeframe for PayPal and they are not giving us anything to work with.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop us a support ticket. We will continue to update this page as further information becomes available.



  • 1/6: Payout status update
    • Update on PayPal account status posted by Justin above.
  • 1/5: deployment complete
    • Final update on returns/support site and item migration.
  • 1/3: Transition update
    • Posted an update about the returns site, paypal status and the agenda for ownership transition.
  • 12/28: PayPal situation update
    • An update on our ticket status with PayPal has been posted by Justin.
  • 12/22: Transition news and payouts
    • An update from Justin has been posted above.
  • 12/18: Payout estimate pushed to Wednesday the 23rd
    • We are still awaiting a response from PayPal after sending the requested documentation. We'll update this page when anything changes.
  • 12/13: Initial announcement
    • Our Paypal account has been limited due to some tax form requirements, we are working with PayPal to get this resolved and payouts available. I anticipate cash outs to resume by 12/18.
    • Listings have been disabled, no new items can be listed on CSGOShop.
    • PayPal deposits have been disabled. Existing store credit or G2APay can be used to purchase items.
    • Beginning process of returning user's items. Please accept trades and withdraw your items.
    • Creating new process for withdrawing deposited funds and balance. Anticipated completion 12/19.

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